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Asatru On Youtube!

I decided to put these links on a separate page, to mainly separate them from the 'normal' links. If you don't already have a youtube account, you do not need one to view the videos. However, joining youtube is free, and you don't have to make videos to be a member. Why join youtube then? Well, you can keep track of the channels you want to subscribe to. So if, say, you subscribed to me. After you do that, whenever I add a new video, you'll know when you look at your subscription page. You can also leave comments on videos that people make, and most importantly, at least to the video maker, you can rate the videos you watch by a 1-5 star system, just like movie critics do when they watch movies and review them.

So without further adieu...

Vinterulf's Channel (aka Mike Smith, he also has a plain old web page:

Elebouthillier's Channel

Berserkrca's Channel

Hengest's Channel

Ardwyad's Channel

Nordicpower88's Channel

Angelcynn's Channel

BornInMidgard1987's Channel

Sinfultictac's Channel He is a Hellenist, but he makes some good videos. I love his Darth Sin character he does. Join the Darkside, and get free muffins! WOOT! Check him out!

Last but not least:Heathenmomma's Channel My channel. I have a few vids pertaining to Asatru, some funny things, and I am starting an Herbal series. I won't list all my videos here, but do check it out sometime.

My Latest Video on Youtube: added Saturday June 9 2007, 9:19 minutes long - The Nine Noble Virtues

I will constantly be looking for more to add to the page.. and if anyone sees a good find, please use the feed back button on the main page.

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