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My Son freaks me out sometimes, he also freaks out my husband. Occaisionally, he sees things, he waves, giggles, points, and says "Bye Bye!" to beings my husband and I don't see. He's done this for a while now. When he would sleep in his crib, he would wake up and we'd hear him giggling and talking gibberish to nobody.
Frequently, this happens late at night, sometimes in the day. We aren't sure, who or what he is seeing, I would like to believe that it is my dad, since he didn't live to see my son, possibly a great-aunt of mine who died a couple years ago.

Our Apartment

So far, there has only been once strange instance at our apartment, aside from my son talking to people on an occaisional basis, I did see someone myself one evening while fixing dinner. I thought it was my husband, because out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure, but only from about waist down (as I was looking downward) I clearly saw a pair of hands folded at waist-height to this shadow-person. It's really the first time I saw any detail to a shadow person, before it was mostly white or mostly shadowy dark people. I didn't feel threatened or scared in my kitchen at our apartment, because I've never felt that way with shadow people. I think they really just want us to know they are there. I just kind of went back to my work, and didn't really think much of it. I'll update this section if anything more goes on here.

A Little History of our Apartment Complex

The Main office building of the complex used to be a stable, and gate-house. There is supposedly an underground tunnel that was used by workers, and the chimney of the main building has no fireplace attached to it.

We share living space with critters of all sorts around here. Crows, white-tailed deer, bats live in the chimney of the main office building, racoons rummage in the garbage bins, and there are some woodchucks who graze the grass in the summer. Behind the apartments is a lake, but we are near a busy shopping center, I guess the critters dig the spot, regardless of the humans that live around them. I've yet to ask the super if she has experienced any ghostly activity herself, because this property is quite old, I wouldn't be suprised...