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The Nine Noble Virtues

Of course not all Asatruar follow the "Noble 9", but as many do, I decided to include them here. I myself feel as though they are good ideals to live by, and strive for, but I don't consider them to be like the 10 commandments, as in the bible. They are more like good personality traits that should be used as a guideline, that have been taken from various sections of the Havamal, and are not part of the ancient lore, but were written by modern Asatru organization founders (it has been attributed to the founder of The Odinic Rite of England, John Yeowell).

Here then is a short essay of sorts, as to what they mean to me, and based on other's interpretations also that I have read over the course of the years:

1. Courage:
Not just the lack of fear, but to stand up for others, and yourself, when you know you or they are in the right. Standing up for your beliefs, and rights, and the courage to abide by moral standards, even if those around you are not.

2. Truth:
Honesty, and being true to yourself, your family, your kindred (if you belong to one), and others, thereby keeping personal honor. Also being true to your faith, and your Gods.

3. Honor:
It is acting on what is morally right. It precedes you to new places, and follows you after death. Without Honor you are nothing (Niding/Nithing). Don't be a back-stabber, don't pick petty fights.

4. Fidelity:
Being faithful to commitments and oaths, to yourself and others. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Don't make empty promises. Don't be a 'cheater', with your significant other, or to yourself, your faith, or in life in general.

5. (Self-)Discipline:
Working hard to obtain your goals and aspirations, in life, in your faith, try not to procrastinate. Get the job done, and done right. Don't let yourself take the easy route, or do things half-assed.

6. Hospitality:
Showing others the same respect you would want for yourself. Being kind to others. This could be as simple as offering friends something to eat or drink when they come to your home, or giving some change to a homeless person on the street if you have some extra. Welcoming others warmly into your home, and treating your house-wights and land-wights (landvaettir) with respect and gratitude, too.

7. Industriousness:
Working hard at your profession, your faith, your family. It differs from #5 because #5 is working hard to keep on that path you have chosen, industriousness is working on the plans/action/your faith in motion. Forming a kindred if you can't find one, doing your part for Asatru/your Gods.

8. Self-Reliance:
Rely on yourself, not on others. This doesn't mean that you don't need to ask for help once in a while, but you should do what you can do yourself for yourself. Don't be a "mooch" (a mooch, for those that may not know, is someone who depends on others to exist, as an example: a dog will mooch for table scraps, the dog is a mooch. Can be used as either a verb or noun.). This also applies to your relationship with the Gods. Do what you can for yourself, before you implore Them to help you.

9. Perseverance:
Continuing on even when faced with difficulty. This could be in your personal situations, or your faith. Life goes on, and so must you.

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