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The Grocery Store

There is a grocery store in central IL, in a rural town, that is presumed to be haunted. Myself, and other employees have experienced strange things there. I was employed there back in the late 1990's when I was in community college. I experienced strange things when I worked in the deli, one night I was cleaning the donut case, and a person stepped around the corner of the case, and I looked up thinking I had seen the manager out of the corner of my eye, and there was nobody there. I had also heard footsteps in the backroom when nobody was back there.
Several of the guys who were stockers had shared some odd stories with me, one said early one morning he saw a lady peek around the corner of the back door that led out to the garbage bin outside, when he went to see who it was, he found the door was locked as he left it when he arrived. Another told me he was waxing the floors after the store had closed, and the doors to the back room swung back and forth as though someone had went through them. They creaked a little when they swung, and when he went to see if anyone was there with him, there was no one. He called the manager, nearly in tears, because he thought someone had broke in. The manager came in and found that nobody but the guy doing the floors was there. Nothing was disturbed, everything was locked, and therefore, nobody had 'swung the doors' (the manager remains adamant that his store is not haunted) to the back room. However, the guy who stayed to wax the floors, no longer does so by himself after hours when it's time to do the yearly waxing.
Also, many employees have said they have seen the "shadow people" walking around from the corners of their eyes, but nobody is there when you turn to face the direction of the 'person'.
The story goes that there used to be another store on the same lot as the grocery store, which was torn down to build the store. Some say the previous owner of the old store just doesn't want to leave his precious store behind.