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My Grandma

My grandmother has a very magical aura. She is a devout Christian, but she still has that little spark about her that shows through every once in a while.
After my Grandpa died, she said she saw him kneeling at her feet when she woke up. He was wearing all white, he looked the same, but around his head he was wearing a band that had a box on the side of it. I'm not sure what she meant by the "band around his head", if she was awake, or still sleeping, as she is commonly found sleeping in her chair in front of her fireplace. She said she fell asleep, and was awoken by Grandpa calling her name, when she reached for him he was gone.

About 10 (in 1980) years before my Grandpa died, he had open-heart surgery. He said at one point, he was above his body on the operating table, he said he saw two figures dressed in robes, that came in, looked at his body shook their heads no and they left. He also described a doctor wearing his scrubs over some strange looking pants. When he came out of anesthesia, he told my mom and my aunt his story. They were shocked because of the part about the doctor and the 'funny pants'. Turns out, the doctor was called away from a golf-game for my grandpa's emergency surgery, and beneath his scrubs, he had on his golf-pants. I personally don't recall this story, because I was very young, but my mom has told it to me on a few occaisions. She had also told me that for a few moments, my grandpa was clinically dead during surgery, and they did revive him, this would account for his out-of-body, and the two men in robes who shook their heads, i.e. saying it wasn't his time. Stranger things have happend, I guess.

My mom also claims she had an out of body experience when she cut her arm badly when she was very young. She was lucky to have survived, and she still has the scars on her upper arm to prove it. She was going outside to play with her dolls, and as she pushed on the glass part of the door, her hand went through the glass. She had to be rushed to the hospital, and had to have several stitches. She said as she was getting stiched up she saw her arm from above, because she had passed out from pain and shock. She said she couldn't have been looking at her arm from the angle of her head, because it was from above.

My Grandma's dad and one of her brothers were also able to "Witch up Water". That is using a forked tree branch to find water underground. My grandma has a well on her farm that to this day has never run dry.

My mom was born with a veil (or caul) on her face, which by some is considered to denote the person has some paranormal ability, which would explain why I could never sneak out of the house when I was younger. She said she never looked into her ability, but recently has asked me to do a web-search for it.. this is what I came up which has other links, including some old wive's tales involving pregnancy.