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Learning Dutch

One of my current hobbies is learning the Dutch Language. Here are several links I have accumulated, including some good videos I have found on Youtube...

Asatru Dutch Site

Language Links: Free Dutch Language Sites

Translation Web Pages

Note: Most Translation Web Pages are not perfect, as a lot of Dutch can't be translated literally.. I know this isn't very helpful, and it has also been a frustration of mine trying to learn the language.. though I do have 3 online Dutch friends from Holland, so get yourself a Dutch buddy and they can usually help you with stuff like that..

Youtube Videos

Videos by Leviwosc

Videos by Ericos

  • Let's Learn some Dutch 1
  • Let's learn some Dutch 2 Videos by Rumicojo Unfortunately, he stopped with lesson 5, and doesn't plan on making more.

    Videos by Mouseinthahouse Though humorous, and silly, these two girls give you the English phrase, then say it in Dutch. So, if anything, will help with hearing the correct pronunciations.

    Random Dutch Language videos on Youtube

    A Humorous Look at Dutch Language, and Dutch Etiquette...

    Miscellaneous Links to Dutch stuff

    Dutch Insults, and Alternative Dictionary (warning for language content)

    News, Radio, and other links in Dutch

    Free Downloads

    Dutch Miscellany