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What has been added:

Asatru links! Some of my favorite links, Asatru and more. Check it out.

Recipes! Many of my own, or modified by me, recipes for special occasions.

Make Your Own Runes With FIMO brand clay Not exactly the traditional way, but fun, and could even be a rainy-day project for kids.

Asatru-related Youtube Video Links I've noticed a lot of good videos lately, and linked them here.

My Path to Asatru! How did I get here? Well click here and read on.. (pretty long)

Lore Hosted On This Site Havamal, Voluspa, Road to Hel, and a new edition to the Lore section: Old Norse to English Dictionary. Check it out. This is where the current time and date in the Runic Era javascript moved to.

The Nine Noble Virtues

Ghostly Tales My own personal accounts of weird happenings.. you don't have to believe it. Feel free to skip it if it doesn't interest you.

Stuff to do when bored on the internet Just a collection of various links

My New Forums on Invisionfree: Pagan Alliance! Created by myself with the help of a few of my Youtube buddies! Check us out!

NEW 03/07/08: Check out a Hobby of mine: Links to Learning the Dutch Language Quite a few links to free Dutch language learning sites, Youtube videos, Wikipedia articles, free software downloads, and of course Dutch insults and slang dictionaries.

The Everchanging Update Box

Here's What You Can Look Forward to in the Next Few Weeks:
  • More Personal Recipe ideas for those special times of the year, I don't claim to be Asatru's Martha Stewart, but I do enjoy Asatru Good Things (can I use that term? If no.. then Asatru Good Stuff, I'm cool with that..)
  • Craft Projects! (Really, I'm not Asatru's Martha Stewart)
  • Personal Book Reviews, Site Reviews (maybe even a "Site of the Month" if I feel so inclined to do so)
  • Maybe a few articles as I feel the inspiration.
  • Links to recent news stories (as there have been a few lately that have caught my eye) in relation to all things Viking/Norse/etc/ancient artifact types.
  • Whatever else I feel I'd like to add.

This is a pic of my Hammer I wear, actual size
Hail to the Aesir
Hail to the Asynjur
And all the generous Earth
Give us Wisdom
And Goodly Speech
And healing hands lifelong!
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